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Welcome to Ashe's Page

Hey, I'm just starting a new web site. I'm kind of nervous about how much freedom I have to say what I want. Yeah, it's crazy how the web's completely censored everywhere you go! But, I thought I should have some central site that links the rest of my web presence together, you know, to be more professional about this "entertainment business" side of myself.

So who am I and what do I do?

Well my name's Stephanie, and I go by Ashe. I'm a 31 year old heterosexual woman born & raised in West Virginia, but I'm certainly not just simple hill folk. I've been homeless on the west coast in my teens and have traveled pretty far for a poor person. I've been to New Zealand, Sweden and England. I "settled down" to get a computer degree and got the degree but never got the job because I'm not from the right socioeconomic class. I'm into photography, film-making (I do the whole process from filming to production), music (although I can't make music for the life of me), and painting (even though I suck at it).